Saturday, December 10, 2022

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Steve Pomeranz, Company Stock

Do You Hold Too Much Of Your Company’s Stock?

Employees have made millions holding company stock. What we don’t hear is how employees have lost millions holding company stock. So where’s the balance?
Steve Pomeranz, Bad Stock Market, Market, Volatility, 2019 Market Predictions

Managing Your Money Through A Bad Stock Market

Is now the time to bail out of stocks, or should you sit tight or even double-down? Read on to see how you can prepare your portfolio for any eventuality.
Steve Pomeranz, Warren Buffett

What’s Eating Warren Buffett? Part II

Last week I noted Warren's unusual behavior. But wait, there's more....
Steve Pomeranz, Warren Buffett

What’s Eating Warren Buffett?

During the 2008 crisis, he was all over the airwaves touting a "Buy America" mantra.  Today, however, he’s silent. This is what I found out.
Steve Pomeranz, Investment Strategy

Is It Time To Change Your Investment Strategy? 

You may be tempted to recoup your losses by latching on to the latest investment fad. Here's why it could be the worst idea you've ever considered.
Steve Pomeranz, Financial Planning, Saving For Retirement, Saving For Education

Where to Focus Your Financial Planning: Your Retirement Or College For...

There’s a good chance you’ll be planning for your retirement AND planning to send kids to college. It’s important to know where your financial planning focus should be to keep your “golden years” golden!
Bernie Madoff, Fraud

My Brush With Bernie Madoff

It was circa 2004 when I got a call from a client just begging to sign up with Bernie was a good thing he called me.
Steve Pomeranz, High Dividends

The Search For High Dividends In A Low Earnings World

Have you heard? The price of oil fell to less than zero. Will stock dividends follow suit?
Steve Pomeranz, Piggyback Investor, Copycat Investor

Should You Be A Piggyback Investor?

Piggyback investing alongside your investment gurus is easy to do but in no way guarantees that those very same investments will perform as well for you.
Steve Pomeranz, Horrible Housing Blunder

What A Mess! Today’s Horrible Housing Blunder

Even though the economy is still booming, the housing market is a mess. Steve's commentary explains why and what can be done about it.