Monday, July 6, 2020

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Steve Pomeranz, Emergency Savings Fund

Is Your Emergency Savings Fund Big Enough?

Learn the nuances of having just the right amount in your emergency fund. 
Steve Pomeranz, Game of Thrones, Power of Money

Lessons From Game Of Thrones And The Power Of Money

Here are the most important financial lessons from Game of Thrones—from power shifts to warring families, to winning strategies for your portfolio.
Steve Pomeranz, Game of Thrones, Estate Planning

7 Fatal Estate Planning Mistakes From Game Of Thrones 

Maybe your life isn't as complicated as Game of Thrones, but the HBO hit show provides some key reminders of the importance of smart estate planning.
Steve Pomeranz, Retirement Mistakes

5 Retirement Mistakes That May Be Ruining Your Future

Here is how to fix the retirement mistakes you're probably making.  After all, this is the rest of the life we're talking about.
Steve Pomeranz, Small Business Owner, Guide To Retirement

The Small Business Owner’s Simple Guide To Choosing A Retirement Plan

Ask and you shall receive!  Steve received a request from a longtime listener asking to break down Roth IRAs, SEP accounts, and much more!
Bernie Madoff, Fraud

My Brush With Bernie Madoff

It was circa 2004 when I got a call from a client just begging to sign up with Bernie was a good thing he called me.
Steve Pomeranz, Game of Thrones

Winter Is Here….Keep Your Money Safe

Game Of Thrones is coming and so may be winter! In case a nasty investment winter should sneak up on us, here's the best way to protect your money.
Steve Pomeranz, Financial Planning Mistakes

The Financial Mistakes You’re Making And How To Avoid Them

Financial planning mistakes happen to everyone. Here's how to avoid the ones that cause the most pain.
Steve Pomeranz, Common Retirement Mistakes To Avoid

3 Common Retirement Mistakes To Avoid In 2019

Retirement planning is fraught with the potential for costly mistakes. Here are 3 of the biggest. Be careful out there!  
Steve Pomeranz, Best Medicare Supplement Plan Providers

The Four Best Medicare Supplement Plan Providers

Discover the best Medicare supplement plan providers, what each has to offer, and learn how they can help you find the best Medicare supplement!