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Steve Pomeranz, Smart Tax Planning, Great Retirement

How To Reduce Your “Silent” Partner’s Stake In Retirement

What’s your biggest fear about retirement? If you’re like most Americans, “running out of money” is right at the top of the list. Smart tax planning can make a huge difference.
Rachel Sheedy, Year End Tax Moves

It’s Not Too Late! These Year-End Tax Moves Will Save You...

Act now before December 31st to lower your tax payment in 2020.
Rick Newman, China Trade War, Trump

Taxes, Trade, Tariffs, And Trump

An inside look into the taxes and tariffs that affect your life. Plus the college scam and the latest on our trade war with China.
The Steve Pomeranz Show, Full Show

Episode 866

Inside the mind of Larry Kudlow - Trump’s New Economic Advisor, Will Trump’s Tax Reform hurt or help the housing market? Everything you need to know about investing in stocks, and so much more...
Terry Story, Trump's Tax Reform

Will Trump’s Tax Reform Hurt Or Help The Housing Market?

Real Estate Round-up covers trends in home flipping (savvy investors only), the impact of rising interest rates, and the impact of Trump’s tax reform.
Ryan Losi, Bitcoin Taxes

Bitcoin Players Beware!  The IRS Wants A Share Of Your Profits!

Owning Bitcoin has surprising tax consequences and the IRS will want its fair share. We've got the details to help you prepare. 
Terry Story, New tax law

Don’t Let The New Tax Law Keep You From Buying Your...

Don’t let the new tax law keep you from buying a new home. Instead, focus on low mortgage interest rates and the wonderful benefits of home ownership.
Jack Bernstein, Tax Evasion

How Offshore Tax Evasion Schemes Are Hurting Us All

Find out how billions of dollars of potential tax revenue are being diverted through offshore shell companies and how it's hurting us all.
Tony Nitti, Tax Reform

The New Tax Reform Plans: Who Wins, Who Loses?

The House and Senate tax reform bills create winners and losers. Will you fare better under the new plan or will your taxes get even more complex? Find out.
Terry Story, Tax Reform

Will Tax Reform Kill America’s Housing Market?

Tax reform proposals want to do away with the mortgage interest deduction. Will this kill America’s housing market?

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