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Brandon Krieg, Begin Investing With 5 Dollars

Smart Start: Begin Investing With Just 5 Dollars Today

Wondering how you can start investing with just a little bit of money? Find out from Brandon Krieg, co-founder of the saving and investing app, Stash.
Terry Story, Buyers Market, Sellers Market

No Advantage! Buyers And Sellers Are Now Equal

Is it a buyer's market or a seller's market?  Terry Story tunes us in to what's happening right now.
Ken Johnson, Own or Rent In 2019

Not Sure If You Should Own Or Rent In 2019? We’ve...

Professor Ken Johnson and Steve take an inside look at the current state of the housing market. Find out now whether it's better to rent or own.
Steve Pomeranz, Investing In Stocks, Investing For Beginners

Investing In Stocks & Bonds: A Beginner’s Guide 

Bonds are a vital part of almost every retirement portfolio. Here is an easy to follow primer on bonds and interest rates. Steve also gives you a special insight into investing in stocks.
Steve Pomeranz, Bitcoin Downfall, Unfortunate Events

Bitcoin And The Series Of Unfortunate Events

Bitcoin stood out from the pack as a more favored cryptocurrency. Its popularity drove its market price up and, paradoxically, also fueled its sharp 80% fall.
Steve Pomeranz, Average Returns

The Hidden Risks Of Seeking Average Returns

In the financial world few things are more dangerous than the statistic known as “average”.
Steve Pomeranz, DIY Guide To Investing, Intelligent Investor

Are You An Intelligent Investor? The DIY Guide To Investing: Part II

A few weeks ago, Steve kicked off the “Intelligent Investor Series” as part of his commentaries.  This edition highlights Ben Graham’s 5 core investment principles.
Steve Pomeranz, Beat The Market

In 2017, Small Investors Underperformed Once Again: Here’s Why

Individual investors significantly underperformed the market in 2017, continuing a multi-year losing streak. Are amateurs doomed to financial failure or can they change their luck? 
John Bogle, Jack Bogle, Forbes, Warren Buffett, Index Funds

Steve’s Favorite Interview: Vanguard Innovator, John Bogle

John Bogle shared his experience of how index funds—an idea once called "Un-American"—changed the world and helped small investors gain the upper hand. 
Steve Pomeranz, Money Quiz

Can You Pass This Money Quiz?

Think you know a lot about money? The results of this 6 question Money Quiz might shock you.

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