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Mort Mazor, Afford When You Retire

What Kind Of Home Will You Be Able To Afford When...

With rising costs across the country, the elderly are constantly struggling. Find out how you can manage your costs and enjoy life after retirement.
April Benson, Shopaholic

Are You A Shopaholic? Know The Signs, Break The Habit

Retail therapy: It feels so good, but it’s a habit that can destroy your financial health. Here's everything you need to know about being a shopaholic.
Michael Torres, Real Estate Investments

How Online Shopping Is Forever Changing Real Estate As We Know...

Are deals like Amazon and Wholefoods upending real estate as we know it? Find out how all of this will impact your real estate investments. 
Steve Pomeranz, Sears Closings

What’s Next For Consumers After Macy’s And Sears Closing?

Announcements in January 2017 about Macy's closings and Sears closings have landed those companies in the news and sent their stock prices lower.

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