Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Steve Pomeranz, Horrible Housing Blunder

What A Mess! Today’s Horrible Housing Blunder

Even though the economy is still booming, the housing market is a mess. Steve's commentary explains why and what can be done about it.
Mort Mazor, Afford When You Retire

What Kind Of Home Will You Be Able To Afford When...

With rising costs across the country, the elderly are constantly struggling. Find out how you can manage your costs and enjoy life after retirement.
Terry Story, Millennials Too Demanding, Buying Their First Home

Are Millennials Too Demanding When Buying Their First Home?

Plus: Why open floor plans are turning into a big mistake and here's what you can do if you have annoying neighbors. 
Terry Story, Annoying Neighbors

The Market, The Bubble, And The Annoying Neighbors

Terry Story talks about mortgage rates, why we're not in a housing bubble, and the rights of condo owners vis-a-vis their neighbors.
Terry Story, Airbnb

What To Do If Your Neighbor’s Airbnb Starts Spinning Out Of...

What do you do if the Airbnb guests start jumping off the roof into the pool and start strewing beer cans and trash all over the yard?
Terry Story, rent or buy

The Age Old Question: To Rent Or Buy?

Terry Story says it’s all about the time and place.  Here's what's going on in the market to help you make an informed decision.
Terry Story, self sufficient home

Are You Ready For The Self Sufficient Home?

Terry gives an in-depth look at the self sufficient home. For example, your washer could automatically place an order for detergent when it's low.
Terry Story, rental scam

Do Your Homework To Avoid This Property Rental Scam

Tenants moved into an apartment and paid their rent, only to get an eviction notice a few months later because their rental was a foreclosed property.
Terry Story, Federal Reserve

Take Advantage Now, Before Federal Reserve Raise Rates

With the Federal Reserve holding steady on interest rates this past week, it’s still a great time to take advantage of these low rates while they last.
Terry Story

Are You Cut Out to be a Landlord?

Often times as we move or upgrade our homes, we are faced with a choice – do we sell the house or do we rent it out?

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