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Terry Story, New Normal

How The Real Estate Industry Keeps Changing To Help You

The real estate industry is rapidly adjusting to the coronavirus by changing the way it does business.
Terry Story, Luxury Condo

Today’s Luxury Real Estate Buyers Want A New Kind Of Country...

The latest luxury real estate market trend reveals a significant shift in what homebuyers are looking for. Basically, they’re looking to buy in a neighborhood that offers a "Vertical Country Club."
Terry Story, Home Buying Guide

A Home Buying Guide for Reluctant Millennials

Buying a home can seem overwhelming for a millennial. Discover what every millennial needs to know before you sign on the bottom line.
Terry Story, Real Estate Changes In 2020

Real Estate Is Undergoing Important Changes in 2020: Here’s What It...

2020 may be a watershed year in the real estate market. Stay on top of the changes with Steve and Terry.
Terry Story, Selling Your Home

Selling Your Home? Surprisingly Simple Things You’re Probably Not Doing

There’s a lot you need to know before selling your home. Find out when the best time to sell is and how to get your house sell-ready.
Terry Story, Home Sweet Home

How To Sell Your Home Sweet Home

The housing market is booming again, so here are tips to sell it right.
Terry Story, Real Estate Questions

Steve And Terry Tackle The Questions You Never Knew You Needed...

Get practical advice from Steve and Terry's "Real Estate Survival Guide" to get answers to some very important questions.
Terry Story, Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Real Estate Survival Tips For Buyers And Sellers

Get some real-life tips for both buyers and sellers on how to handle potential real estate problems.
Terry Story, Price Your Home So It Sells

Here’s How To Price Your Home So It Sells

Learn how some real estate agents constantly examine the big picture to help you correctly price your home for sale.
Terry Story, Real Estate Acronyms

Get To Know These Important Real Estate Acronyms

There are a lot of terms to know and understand when it comes to real estate. Acronyms make learning these terms easier!

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