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Steve Pomeranz, Game of Thrones, Estate Planning

7 Fatal Estate Planning Mistakes From Game Of Thrones 

Maybe your life isn't as complicated as Game of Thrones, but the HBO hit show provides some key reminders of the importance of smart estate planning.
Jamie Johnson, Americas Growing Wealth Gap

Heir To The Johnson & Johnson Fortune On The Peculiar World Of...

Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, discusses his controversial documentary film and talks about the unique, quirky, eccentricities of the ultra-rich.
Charlie Calello, Four Seasons, Sinatra

Meet The Most Successful Arranger In The History Of Pop Music

Legendary hitmaker, Charlie Calello, stops by the studio.  Charlie has worked with renowned talents including The Four Seasons, Springsteen, and the great Sinatra.
Ken Davenport, How To Invest In Broadway

Thought About Investing In A Broadway Show? It’s Easier Than You Think

Some say investing in Broadway is like putting a match to your money, but Tony Award-winning producer, Ken Davenport, shows you how so you won’t break the bank.
Turney Duff, Silicon Valley

How Silicon Valley’s Bad Behavior Compares To 80’s Wall Street: Part I

Revelations of sexual harassment and lavish parties in Silicon Valley draw parallels to Wall Street in the 80s. Does the devil follow money and power?
The Steve Pomeranz Show, Full Show

Episode 841

Steve covers the Kardashians rise to fame, a guide for small investors, the best & worst college majors, and whether or not you be a copycat investor.
Ben Parr, Captivating

There’s A Science To Capturing People’s Attention

The science behind becoming captivating individuals in life and in business.
Steve Pomeranz, Winter Is Coming

Winter Is Coming….Keep Your Money Safe

Winter is coming! Here's the best way to protect your money.
Andy Serwer, Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Is Just The Beginning Of A Whole New Reality

Voyage to the augmented reality world of Pokemon Go and its likely effect on our future.
Jeffrey Zucker, Marijuana

Is There A Pot Of Gold At The End Of The...

The cannabis industry is growing like a weed.

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