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Steve Pomeranz, How To Handle Market Volatility

Here’s How To Handle Today’s Market Volatility

You always climb a wall of worry in Wall Street and it really does you no good to fret about it. But, is this market volatility giving reason to panic?
Whitney Tilson, Warren Buffett

Has Warren Buffett Lost His Touch?

In this engaging chat with investment expert Whitney Tilson, Steve dissects recent missteps from the world's greatest investor, Warren Buffett.
Steve Pomeranz, Fake Financial News

Fake Financial News Or Trusted Source? Know The Difference

The ease of putting up a blog or an investment research website has spawned an industry of fake financial news. Make sure you're not its next victim.
Rick Newman, Trump Trade War, Trumponomics

Trump’s Trade War: Impulsive Or Well Thought Out?

Trump's trade war started with simultaneous attacks on multiple trading partners. As time has passed, are we beginning to see a real China strategy unfold?
Kim Lankford, Hurricane Preparedness

Tips On Hurricane Preparedness To Keep You Safe This Season

Hurricane preparedness goes a long way in reducing storm damage to your home, getting insurance to cover damages, and keeping your loved ones safe.
Jim DeFelice, The Pony Express

The Brief, Audacious, And Legendary Ride Of The Pony Express

Back in 1860, as the Civil War loomed, two Americans implemented an audacious plan to haul mail from coast to coast, and the Pony Express legend was born.
Dr. Ellen Wald, Saudi Arabia

Why Saudi Arabia Needs America

Dr. Ellen Wald joins the show to explain what’s going on with the Saudi royal family, the oil company Aramco, and their plans to bring it public.
Lori Robertson, How To Spot Fake News

How To Spot Fake News

With social media platforms and partisan media outlets dominating our attention, fake news stories engulf us faster than ever before. Here’s how to spot them and get your hands on the truth.
David Payne, Trump's Tariff Wars

Deconstructing Trump’s Tariff Wars With America’s Trading Partners

Steve's guest declares that Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on vital imports  will hurt the U.S. economy more than the benefits touted by the White House.
Steve Pomeranz, Irma's Economic Impact

Irma’s Economic Impact Could Be 200% More Than Katrina

Hurricane Irma’s economic impact could be as much as $190 billion, 200 percent more than Katrina’s costs, because of Florida’s rapidly growing population.

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