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Terry Story, Home Buying Guide

A Home Buying Guide for Reluctant Millennials

Buying a home can seem overwhelming for a millennial. Discover what every millennial needs to know before you sign on the bottom line.
Terry Story, Negotiating Repairs

Negotiating Repairs Before You Buy The Home Of Your Dreams

There are almost always a few repair issues when you’re buying a home. Learn the smart way to negotiate before closing.
Jeff Baskies, Scottie Pippen, Avoid Major Real Estate Mistake

A Celebrity’s Wild Story Can Help Us Avoid This Major Real Estate Mistake

Florida law allows most residents a homestead exemption on their property, but NBA star, Scottie Pippen, found out the hard way that it doesn't apply to everyone. 
Terry Story, Non Mortgage Lenders

Non-Bank Mortgage Lenders Are A Boon To Home Buyers

See how non-bank mortgage lenders are taking market share away from traditional banks and making loans easier to get.
Terry Story, Trump Tariffs

Trump’s Tariffs Are Threatening Housing Affordability

May 2018 housing starts are up. But Trump’s tariffs on lumber, steel, and imports could raise building costs, spur inflation, and make homes less affordable.
Terry Story, Verbal Agreement

This Agreement Could Leave You With Heartburn And A Hole In...

Heed Terry’s tips on how to avoid aggravation and loss in housing contract negotiations.
Terry Story, Buying A Home

Don’t Let Unfounded Fears Stop You From Buying A Home

Don’t psych yourself out of the home-buying market due to unfounded fears. Instead, overcome those fears and become the proud owner of your first home.
Terry Story, Buy or Sell Your Home

Looking To Buy Or Sell Your Home? 2018 Might Just Be...

Real estate prices have risen steadily over the past few years. Will the trend continue? See what’s in store for the 2018 housing market.
Terry Story, First Time Home Buyers

Money-Saving Advice For First Time Home Buyers

First time home buyers often make rookie mistakes that cost them tens of thousands in extra home-related costs. Here's what you need to avoid. 
Steve Pomeranz, 401(k) pitfalls

Investment Alert: Is Your Employer’s 401(k) Plan Ripping You Off?

Several companies have mismanaged employee 401(k) contributions by charging excessive fees on underperforming funds. Make sure your 401(k) is well-managed.

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