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Elysia Stobbe, Home Purchase

Don’t Let Climbing Interest Rates Derail Your Home Purchase

Interest rates are all over the map nowadays, but one mortgage expert explains how to navigate these rates to maximize your new home purchase.
Terry Story, Millennials

Why Millennials Have Stopped Buying Homes

Millennials have accounted for about 40% of first-time home buyers each year but that number is down sharply this month – to just 32%.
Terry Story, US migration

US Migration Trends

Recent US migration data shows that about 8.5 million people migrate each year from one metro area to another within the US.
Steve Pomeranz, Buying A Home

7 Common Myths When Buying a Home

Buying a home doesn't necessarily mean a huge down payment is required or you need perfect credit but it may be more costly than anticipated.
David Payne, Job Growth

No October Rate Hike Despite Job Growth

Everyone’s wondering what’s next for interest rates that have been at all-time lows. Here's some light on how job growth and inflation will play into the Fed’s future decisions.
Terry Story, Rent or buy

Is It Better To Rent Or Buy?

Find out about changes that impact mortgages, a question about unauthorized property alterations, whether it’s better to rent or buy, and why people want to move out of their neighborhoods.
Closing A Home, Terry Story

The Biggest Discount Day For Closing A Home Sale

Would you believe we know the best day to get the biggest discount on closing a home sale?
Terry Story, Federal Reserve

Take Advantage Now, Before Federal Reserve Raise Rates

With the Federal Reserve holding steady on interest rates this past week, it’s still a great time to take advantage of these low rates while they last.
Terry Story

Home Buyer Alert! Your Monthly Mortgage Payments May Rise

Federal Housing Administration home loans are getting a tuneup, with many changes going into effect Oct. 4.
Greg McBride

Americans Need to Boost Retirement Savings

Tune in to see how and why you need to boost retirement savings today.

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