Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Terry Story, Buying A Home

Don’t Let Unfounded Fears Stop You From Buying A Home

Don’t psych yourself out of the home-buying market due to unfounded fears. Instead, overcome those fears and become the proud owner of your first home.
Terry Story, Stress of Moving

The Stress Of Moving Is Keeping People At Home

Moving is so stressful that it's actually having a negative impact on the housing market. Plus tips for buyers in a tight market and more...

What’s The Minimum Credit Score Needed To Buy A House?

We talk with mortgage analyst Tim Beyers about mortgage rates and the minimum credit score needed to buy a house.
Tom Anderson, pay off mortgage or invest

Is It Better To Pay Off Mortgage Or Invest That Money?

Some think debt is the archenemy to sound financial planning, others think it's a helpful tool. We explore whether you should pay off mortgage or invest the money instead.
Greg McBride, Mortgage Rates in 2017

Will Mortgage Rates In 2017 Go Up, Down, Or Stay Flat?

Greg McBride joins Steve to talk about where mortgage rates in 2017 are headed, and how the key role of the Federal Reserve may affect broader markets and the economy.
Terry Story, Mortgage Points

Should You Pay Your Mortgage Points Up Front Or Not?

With Terry Story, 28-year veteran Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker in Boca Raton, FL This week we chat with real estate agent Terry Story...
Holden Lewis, Mortgage

Conventional Wisdom Regarding Your Mortgage

That less attractive 30-year mortgage may turn out to be your best friend.
Steve Pomeranz, Credit Score

4 Simple Ways To Maximize Your Credit Score Right Now

Luckily, keeping a good credit score is not rocket science. Steve shows you the easy way to keep your credit in top condition so you can start right away.
Terry Story, real estate

Starter Homes Set To Boost First Time Real Estate Sales

Terry talks to us today about new home sales in real estate and some of the changes in this area of the housing market.
Terry Story, Luxury home

The Justice Department Goes After Luxury Home Buyers

In the search for "dirty" money, more luxury home buyers are coming under the Justice Department's microscope. 

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