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Terry Story, Real Estate, Home Projects to Recoup your Money

Get Your Money Back On These Top 10 Home Projects

Terry talks about remodeling, recouping your remodeling investment, and other (expensive) joys of home ownership.
Allen Robinson, Interest Rates, Mortgage Rates

Interest Rates Are Down Again, So Why Haven’t Mortgage Rates Kept Up? 

Get the latest lowdown on interest rates for mortgage loans from a well-respected expert—plus an important discussion on how the mortgage loan process is changing.
Jeff Baskies, Scottie Pippen, Avoid Major Real Estate Mistake

A Celebrity’s Wild Story Can Help Us Avoid This Major Real Estate Mistake

Florida law allows most residents a homestead exemption on their property, but NBA star, Scottie Pippen, found out the hard way that it doesn't apply to everyone. 
Elysia Stobbe, Get Approved For A Mortgage

Get Approved For A Mortgage Without Sticking A Fork In Your...

Most people don't know how much home purchasing power they have. Elysia Stobbe gives excellent tips on the best ways to get approved for a mortgage (without sticking a fork in your eye).
Terry Story, Fixer Upper

A Fixer Upper Home May Be Your Best Option In This...

A fixer upper home can be a great way to get a nice home in a good neighborhood. But before you jump in, here's what you need to know so you don't get burned.
Terry Story, Mortgage Rates

Mortgage Rates Driving Starter Home Sales Despite Low Affordability

Low mortgage rates are driving sales of starter homes despite a sharp drop in affordability to a 10-year low. 
Terry Story, Single Family Home

The Pros And Cons Of Single-Family Homes

Understand the pros and cons of owning single-family homes.  See how condo owners can preserve value-enhancing views against their HOA's plans.
Terry Story, Consult Your Kids, Mortgage Rate, Buy Your Next Home

Should You Consult The Kids Before You Buy Your Next Home?

Today’s millennial parents focus on their children’s wants and desires more than earlier generations - even for major decisions like buying their next  home.
Terry Story, Mortgage Scams

Don’t Let Popular Mortgage Scams Fool You

Real Estate Round-up covers trends in home flipping, the impact of rising interest rates, and the impact of Trump’s tax reform.
Terry Story, Protect Yourself From The Latest Mortgage Scams

How To Recognize And Protect Yourself From The Latest Mortgage Scams

With interest rates set to rise, don’t let unscrupulous lenders suck you into "teaser rate" scams and other nefarious offers. 

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