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Sam Stovall, Bear Market, Stock Market

Strong Sectors In A Bear Market

Sam Stovall, Managing Director of US Equity Strategy for CFRA Research, offered listeners his insights on the stock market’s likely future direction.
Sam Stovall, The State Of The Market

The State of the Market

Market veteran and technician Sam Stovall puts everything into perspective in this timely interview.
Christine Benz, Advantages of Dividend Growth Funds

The Advantages Of Dividend Growth Funds

Learn the advantages that dividend growth funds offer and get some retirement planning tips from Morningstar’s Personal Finance Editor, Christine Benz.
Steve Pomeranz, Market Indicators

The Lipstick Index And Other Ridiculous Market Indicators

I’ve been managing money for 40 years, and there is NO way to predict the next move of the stock market, up or down. However, here are some fun clues to help you figure it out.
Terry Story, Tips for Buyers and Sellers

Real Estate Survival Tips For Buyers And Sellers

Get some real-life tips for both buyers and sellers on how to handle potential real estate problems.
Dr. Richard Peterson, Investment Decisions

How Investment Decisions Are Influenced By Our Genetics

Understand how the mind of an investor operates to make certain investment decisions and how to develop emotional awareness leading to long-term success.
Terry Story, Hottest Places to Invest in Real Estate

The Hottest Places To Invest In Real Estate 

The real estate market is cyclical and full of trends. Read on to discover some of the hottest places to invest in real estate right now!
Rick Newman, Economy 2008

10 Years After The Crash: What’s Better And What’s Worse?

While stock prices, housing prices, and employment may all be up, what intractable problems still linger from the after-effects of the great recession?
Terry Story, Climate Change, Attitude, Home Value

How Climate Change Attitudes Affect Your Home’s Value

Climate change theories are driving down real estate prices in some markets and raising them in others. Plus, the latest lowdown on home prices and today's mortgage interest rates.
Michael Offit, World Of Finance And Investment Banking

Insights Into The Often Dangerous World Of Finance And Investment Banking

Wall Street veteran and author, Mike Offit, offers an inside look at how investment banks operate and the danger they sometimes pose to investors.

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