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Norm Champ

Norm Champ Goes Public With His Adventures Inside The SEC – Post...

In his book, Going Public: My Adventures Inside the SEC and How to Prevent the Next Devastating Crisis, Norm Champ discusses what he learned during his SEC tenure.
Terry Story, Bankruptcy

What Do Bankruptcy And Your IRS Refund Have In Common?

They both occur in the same month. Are they related...? 
Joy Taylor, IRS audit

Learn How To Avoid An IRS Audit

While the IRS audits only 1% of individuals in any given year, there are certain red flags which could make you one of the unlucky ones.
Kelly Erb, IRS Scam

Scammers In IRS Clothing Are Targeting College Students

Not all scams are aimed at the elderly. Some, disguised as the IRS, are targeting young college students.
Daniel Hood, tax fraud

Avoiding These Tax Fraud Schemes Could Save Your Bacon!

Paying taxes may be sure thing, but don’t let it be a field day for scammers and fraudsters. Here are the top tax fraud schemes to look out for.
Terry Story

Could The Security Breach At The IRS Prevent You From Buying...

The IRS recently reported that its computer and data systems were hacked and about 100,000 tax-payers had their tax return data compromised. Should you be concerned, especially if you’re in the market to buy a house?
Kevin McCormally

How to Avoid A Tax Audit

Find out what triggers IRS audits, the penalties you may face, and how you should respond if you do get contacted on your taxes.

How to Handle Non-Payment of Taxes

with Robert Wood, Rated Among Top Six Lawyers in the US, Author of over 30 books on tax laws and reforms, Tax Columnist at...

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