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Terry Story, Hurricane Insurance

It’s Hurricane Season Again! Do You Have The Right Insurance?

We certainly don't want you to be caught out in the storm. Make sure your home is properly insured against natural disasters.
Steve Pomeranz, How much insurance do you really need

How Much Life Insurance Do You Really Need?

Do you need life insurance? If so, how much life insurance do you need? Here’s everything you need to know.
Dr. Lynne Nowak, Lower Prescription Costs

Higher Drug Prices Got You Down? Lower Prescription Costs With These...

Want to better manage your healthcare costs? Expert Dr. Lynne Nowak discusses how truly understanding your insurance benefits can lower prescription costs.
Steve Pomeranz, Life Insurance

Buying Life Insurance Is About To Change Dramatically

As technology continues to disrupt industry after industry, life insurance is finally coming into the 21st century - and it's to your benefit.
Penny Gusner, Best Car Insurance Prices

The Best Car Insurance Prices Are Literally At Your Fingertips

Who says you can’t trust the internet? Look here for the best car insurance prices.
Terry Story, Flipping Houses

If You Flip Houses, You’d Better Be Well Insured

Terry explains why you need to make sure you’re insured if you’re flipping houses and discusses the best times to do a drive-by at a new listing. 
Kelli Grant, Medical Bills

Don’t Pay Your Medical Bills Right Away

Two cautionary tales: Examining your medical bills could save you money and monitoring your credit cards could save your financial life.
Terry Story, home ownership

Can Home Ownership Make Driving Your Car Cheaper?

 Steve and Terry discuss the surprising benefits of home ownership.
Terry Story, Home Prices

Home Prices Hitting Record Highs Once Again

Terry addresses November 2015’s rising home prices and all-time highs in select areas that are causing tight inventory and affordability issues.
Howard Schwartz, long-term care insurance

Watch Out When Buying Long-Term Care Insurance

There is a disappointing reality of what really happens when you go to use your long-term care insurance policy. Here's what to look for.

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