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Terry Story, Flipped Homes

Buyer Beware: Flipped Homes Could Be A Real Nightmare If You’re...

Be careful buying flipped homes because "Home Flippers" have little motivation to take care of the property and may not be around if you have problems later.
Terry Story, Home Buyer's Remorse

Have You Been A Victim Of Home Buyer’s Remorse?

Make sure you’re not a victim of home buyer’s remorse by thoroughly checking out the home and making sure the neighborhood fits your lifestyle and needs.
Eve Wright, Keys to success

Keys To Success For A Life Of Passion And Purpose

These techniques can lead to a more productive personal and professional life. The keys to success are as relevant for men as they are for women.
Allyson Hawkins Ward, Parenting Guide

Kids Too Attached To Home? A Parenting Guide For You

Are your kids too attached to home? Afraid of life? Here’s the parenting guide for you.

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