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Earl Stewart, Car Dealer, Confessions of a Car Dealer

True Confessions Of A Recovering Car Dealer

Earl Stewart owned a car dealership and decided to come clean and divulge its secrets. He shows us how to level the playing field to get the best deal for the car you want.
Rich Karlgaard, Late Bloomers

Our Obsession With Early Achievement And Why “Late Blooming” Is Better For...

Many of us are "late bloomers" rather than instant successes.  Here's how you can find success at any age and prepare your children.
Tim Sheahan, Living In A Mobile Home Park

The Shocking New Math Of Living In A Mobile Home Park

Here's how significant rent increases from large real estate companies are creating major issues for many mobile home residents.
Steve Pomeranz, Piggyback Investor, Copycat Investor

Should You Be A Piggyback Investor?

Piggyback investing alongside your investment gurus is easy to do but in no way guarantees that those very same investments will perform as well for you.
Robert Laura, Making Retirement The Best Years

Making Retirement The Best Years Of Your Life

With only 40% finding happiness in retirement, here's what you should do ahead of time to make the most of your golden years.
Terry Story, Mortgage Fraud, Go To Jail

Mortgage Fraud Can Land You In Jail – So Be Truthful!

This week, Real Estate Round-up covers mortgage fraud, obligations to comply with new HOA rules, rising mortgage rates, and buyers’ rights to cancel a contract.
Rick Newman, Democratic sweep, 2018 Midterm Elections

A Democratic Sweep In November Could Stall The Stock Market

See how a democratic sweep in the 2018 midterm elections could weigh on the market and impact your portfolio.
Michael Bruemmer, Child Identity Theft

Child Identity Theft Is On The Rise. Is Your Family Safe?

Child identity theft is on the rise. See how you can identify red flags and keep your child’s identity safe.
Steve Pomeranz, Millennials Investing

Why Smart Millennials Are Making Dumb Investors

Research shows that millennials are not into investing and have a basic misunderstanding of risk.
Richard Davies, Impact of Technology

Does The Impact Of Technology Improve Our Lives?  Yes Or No?

Rapid advances and innovation make the impact of technology on life easier, unless it renders your job obsolete.

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