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Steve Pomeranz, Howard Marks

The Wisdom Of Howard Marks

Steve introduces the lesser-known investing legend Howard Marks, considered a superstar to many, yet unknown to most. 

How Much Of Investment Success Is Luck?

"A great many things contribute to success...But even the hardest workers and best decision makers among us will fail to succeed consistently without luck."
Steve Pomeranz

Good Times Teach Only Bad Lessons

Howard Marks is a legendary investor who founded Oaktree Capital Management, an investment management company that has delivered an average annual return of 19%...
Great Investors Who Dared To Be Different

Great Investors Who Dared To Be Different

The thoughts of great investors who not only dare to be different but have the superior skills to succeed.

Golden Words From Another Great Investor

Investing Wisdom from Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital My regular listeners probably heard one of my earlier segments where I spoke about Howard Marks, the...

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