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Terry Story, Lowball Offer

Why You Should Never Make A Lowball Offer On A House

Continuing our series on how to price a home for sale, Terry teaches us how to negotiate like a pro.
Ken Johnson, Own or Rent In 2019

Not Sure If You Should Own Or Rent In 2019? We’ve...

Professor Ken Johnson and Steve take an inside look at the current state of the housing market. Find out now whether it's better to rent or own.
Terry Story, Closing Tips

Closing Tip: Never Give Away Your Key Until You’re Sure You...

Home-selling veteran Terry Story offers thoughts on multiple bids and buyers moving in before the deal is sealed.
Terry Story, Slow Home Sales, Sell Your Home

Tips To Quickly Sell Your Home In A Softening Housing Market

Census Bureau data points to a softening housing market. Learn how you should price your home for a quick sale before buyers lose interest in your property.
Terry Story, Home Value

Here’s What Is Affecting Your Home’s Value Right Now 

Lower immigration, delayed infrastructure spending, and a host of other reasons may be affecting your home's value in 2019.

Is The Housing Market Going Soft?

Pending home sales are trending down. What does this say about the outlook for real estate in 2019? 
Terry Story, 2019 Housing Forecast

2019 Housing Forecast For Home Prices, Mortgages, And More

Our 2019 housing forecast tells you what to expect with home prices, mortgage interest rates, and inventory in 2019, based on Fed actions and economic factors.
Terry Story, Million Dollar Home

Million Dollar Homes Are On The Rise, But Only In A...

Only 4% of all American homes are valued at above $1 million. But in a few select cities, million-dollar homes are the norm, not the exception.
Terry Story, Housing Inventory

Dire Shortage of Housing Inventory Crimping Home Sales

Tight housing inventory and the lack of new homes continue to be a drag on home sales even as consumer confidence climbs and sellers abound. 
Terry Story, Housing Market Affordability

Housing Market Affordability Hits New Low Despite Slowdown

In Q2 2018, housing market affordability hit a new low, driven by tight inventory, rising construction costs, and higher mortgage rates.

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