Saturday, December 10, 2022
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Terry Story, Housing Market, Strong Economy

Today’s Housing Market Indicates A Strong Economy

The economy is cyclical, with highs and lows. Get a better understanding of how the real estate industry is a good indicator for how the economy is doing and where it’s headed.
Terry Story, Home Improvement

You Need A Permit To Replace Your Sink? And Other Laws You’re Probably...

Nearly every part of owning and maintaining a home involves permits. Discover why open and expired permits cause serious headaches for homeowners and realtors.
Real Estate, Terry Story, Real Estate Trends

Mastering Real Estate’s Big Picture Will Help You Gain The Edge

Many factors affect the real estate market. Discover how negative interest rates, inverted yield curves, and recessions could impact the market.
Terry Story, Popular Home Styles

The Most Popular Home Styles Right Now: Part II

Everyone has an ideal home in mind. Discover the most popular styles for homes, living rooms, and more!
Terry Story, Popular Home Styles

The Most Popular Home Styles Right Now

Modern, Tudor, or Ranch? Here are the top styles of today and why your best move is buying a house right now.
Winston Groom, Forrest Gump

The Author of Forrest Gump Weighs In On Today’s World Of Publishing

Even if your only exposure to Winston Groom is the American classic, Forrest Gump, you'll like what he has to say about getting your own stuff published.
Terry Story, Home Ready To Sell

The Importance of Properly Staging Your Home for Sale

You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Find out how and why to properly stage your home so you can sell it quickly.
Real Estate, Terry Story, Home Buying Market

Today’s Home Buying Market

Are you looking to buy a home? Discover why now might be the right time to buy!
Terry Story, Best Way To Sell Your Home

The Best Ways To Sell Your Home

In our regular catch-up with Terry Story, we examined the latest housing market conditions and congratulate Terry on her new teammate - her daughter, Danielle!
Terry Story, Affordable Housing

Can’t Afford To Buy A House? New Affordable Housing Is On...

Terry Story joins us for a chat on the housing market, covering a host of critical issues, including current market activity and the latest news on affordable housing.

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