Saturday, May 15, 2021
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Jonathan Clements, Protecting Your Investments

Protecting Your Investments In Times Of Crisis

The stock market constantly experiences ups and downs, and this time is no different. Learn how to protect your investments during times of crisis.
Sandra Block, Handle Your Personal Finances

Investments Just Get “Trashed”? It’s Time To Get A Handle On...

Find out how Kiplinger’s Personal Finance says you should manage personal finances (and your investments) to handle the Covid-19 crisis.
Steve Pomeranz, Market Indicators

The Lipstick Index And Other Ridiculous Market Indicators

I’ve been managing money for 40 years, and there is NO way to predict the next move of the stock market, up or down. However, here are some fun clues to help you figure it out.
Annie Duke, How to Cope, Thinking In Bets

How To Cope With Change When Everything Is So Uncertain

Poker champion turned business consultant, Annie Duke, teaches you how to get comfortable with uncertainty and make better decisions as a result
Steve Pomeranz, Fraud, Crime, Card Skimming

The $8 Billion Crime That Touches All Of Us

The Secret Service estimates this crime costs us $8 billion annually. And it’s getting worse.
Meg Tirrell, Coronavirus

The Race To Kill Corona

As the coronavirus virus continues to spread, drug companies are racing toward a cure. CNBC biotech reporter, Meg Tirell, and Steve discuss the early results.
Steve Pomeranz, Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas: Financial Rock Star

Here's how Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne created a family fortune much greater than the total of all the money he earned as an actor. They both have a lot to teach us.

Can This Federal Deficit Be Fixed?

Rick Newman has five main ideas on how to eliminate the current federal deficit. Will anyone be willing to pay the piper?
Janna Herron, Ficos New Scoring

FICO’s New Scoring May Affect Your Life. Are You Ready To...

Find out the surprising ways FICO's changes may vitally affect this key credit score.
Dr. Ivan Misner, Who's In Your Room?

If Your Head Was A “Room” With An Entrance And No...

How we control who comes, goes, or stays in our "room" can make all the difference in our lives. This book tells you how to guard against unwanted entrants and re-model what's already inside.

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