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Steve Pomeranz

My Last Commentary To You All

On this final show, I talk about some of the most important themes I have covered over these many years. Themes that may help you become a little wealthier and a little more financially secure.
Rocky Mengle, COVID, Tax Changes for 2020

This May Be The Only Good Thing About Covid Tax Changes...

The coronavirus has caused the Congress to act swiftly. Here are the tax changes they enacted.
Terry Story, New Normal

How The Real Estate Industry Keeps Changing To Help You

The real estate industry is rapidly adjusting to the coronavirus by changing the way it does business.
Jill Gonzalez, Coronavirus

Which States Are Being Hardest Hit By The Coronavirus?

Jill Gonzalez, of, offers information on how the coronavirus impact varies significantly from state to state.
Jonathan Clements, True Nature Of Risk

Do You Understand The True Nature Of Risk?  Learn It Here

Jonathan Clements and Steve offer an insightful talk about the true nature of investment risk.
Terry Story, COVID -19, Real Estate

Learn How Covid-19 Is Changing The Way We Buy And Sell...

Learn how the coronavirus pandemic is continuing to impact the U.S. real estate market.
Steve Pomeranz, High Dividends

The Search For High Dividends In A Low Earnings World

Have you heard? The price of oil fell to less than zero. Will stock dividends follow suit?
Terry Story, CoronaVirus Real Estate

The Real Estate Industry Adapts To The Coronavirus

The coronavirus pandemic, although creating problems, hasn’t stopped the real estate industry from getting the job done.
Meg Tirrell, CoronaVirus

CNBC’s Meg Tirrell Answers The Questions Everyone’s Asking About Cures And Treatments

Steve sits down with expert reporter, Meg Tirrell, to get specific answers about the drugs that are first in line to cure us.
Steve Pomeranz, Toilet Paper Shortage

Mystery Solved! The Toilet Paper Shortage—It’s Not What You Think

Did the hoarders create the shortage or was there something else at work? Steve gets to the bottom of the mystery.  

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