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Sandra Block, Handle Your Personal Finances

Investments Just Get “Trashed”? It’s Time To Get A Handle On...

Find out how Kiplinger’s Personal Finance says you should manage personal finances (and your investments) to handle the Covid-19 crisis.
Steve Pomeranz, Fraud, Crime, Card Skimming

The $8 Billion Crime That Touches All Of Us

The Secret Service estimates this crime costs us $8 billion annually. And it’s getting worse.
Janna Herron, Ficos New Scoring

FICO’s New Scoring May Affect Your Life. Are You Ready To...

Find out the surprising ways FICO's changes may vitally affect this key credit score.
Lisa Gerstner, Best Rewards Credit Cards

The Absolute Best Rewards Credit Cards Of 2019

Get the inside scoop on the best rewards cards from Lisa Gerstner, contributing editor at Kiplinger Personal Finance.
Earl Stewart, Car Dealer, Confessions of a Car Dealer

True Confessions Of A Recovering Car Dealer

Earl Stewart owned a car dealership and decided to come clean and divulge its secrets. He shows us how to level the playing field to get the best deal for the car you want.
Jill Gonzalez, Best Frequent Flyer Programs

Your Guide To The Best Frequent Flyer Programs Available Right Now

WalletHub's Jill Gonzalez joins Steve to dissect the best frequent flyer programs to find the options that suit you the best. 
Richard Pomilmeni, Minimizing Your Student Debt

Minimizing Your Student Debt Before And After College

Richard Polimeni joined us to break down the crucial issue of student debt and the best ways to minimize and avoid it.
Terry Story, Credit Score

Surprise! Maybe Your Credit Score Isn’t As Important As You Think

Many experts say closing down credit card accounts will hurt your credit score. If your credit is already pretty good, does it really matter?
Anthony Davenport, Improve Your Credit Score

Surprising Moves To Improve Your Credit Score And Change Your Life

Significantly improve your credit score and save hundreds of thousands of dollars in excess interest and fees over a lifetime.  
Lisa Gerstner, Equifax Data Breach

How To Protect Yourself After The Massive Equifax Data Breach

Your personal data was almost certainly compromised in the Equifax data breach, so check if you’ve been impacted and take steps to protect your credit.

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