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Marlow Felton, Chris Felton, Prosperity Factor, Couples and Money

Couples And Money: Is The One You Love Cheating On You...

Financial infidelity can destroy relationships. Make sure you have shared goals and always keep the lines of communication open.
Stan Corey, Process of Divorce

Your Intelligent Guide To A Rational And Reasonable Divorce 

In his book, The Divorce Dance, Stan Corey shows couples how to stop "dancing in the dark" and start successfully navigating their way through the  financial realities of divorce.
Jill Gonzalez, Best Frequent Flyer Programs

Your Guide To The Best Frequent Flyer Programs Available Right Now

WalletHub's Jill Gonzalez joins Steve to dissect the best frequent flyer programs to find the options that suit you the best. 
Janet Lombardi, Financial Recovery

Divorce, Scandal, And The Road To Financial Recovery

Married to a husband jailed for fraud, Author Janet Lombardi details her fall and triumphant rise to financial recovery. 
Terry Savage, The New Love Deal

The New Love Deal: What You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving...

Afraid of discussing finances with your partner? Dive into “The New Love Deal” and have one less thing to stress about in your relationship.
Stacey Freeman, After Divorce

Managing Your Money To Create A New Life After Divorce

Divorce can be a rough road but the future can be bright if you make the right moves now.
Terry Story, Thin Credit

Worried About Thin Credit? Get Back On The Grid!

Terry & Steve discuss rising home building costs, the direction of mortgage rates in 2017, and the pitfall of thin credit and how to avoid it.
David Maxfield, Holiday Spending

Don’t Let Holiday Spending Ruin Your Relationship

The professional guide to having the “holiday spending talk” with your loved ones.
Donna Rosato, Retirement Planning

Answers To Retirement Questions You’re Afraid To Ask

Take the guesswork out of your retirement planning. We've answered these common questions to help you make the most of your golden years .
Cary Carbonaro, avoid divorce

Divorce Deterrent: Having The Money Talk Before Marriage

When marriages end in divorce, money is often the culprit. Cary Carbonaro advises a pre-marital money session.

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