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Richard Polimeni, College Savings Plans

Great News About College Savings Plans!

Find out about the latest innovations and improvements in 529 savings plans for education.
Stacy Rapacon, Best College Major, Worst College Major

10 Best & Worst College Majors For A Lucrative Career

The best college majors could pay as much as $3.4 million more in lifetime earnings than the worst college majors.
Steve Pomeranz, Freshman College

9 Surprising Essentials Your College Freshman Needs This Fall

Have kids or grandkids going away to college for the first time? Here are some ideas of what to bring and, more importantly, what NOT to bring to the dorm room.
Steve Pomeranz, Saving For College

The Art Of Saving For College In 5 Easy Steps

Saving for college begins at birth.  Here’s how you can calculate the cost of college before your child is out of diapers.
Charlie Javice, College Admissions, Scholarships

Finally, College Admissions and Scholarships Have Gone Digital! 

Are you looking to go to your favorite college but can't untangle the mess of Financial Aid? Here's how getting "Frank" will change your world. 
Richard Pomilmeni, Minimizing Your Student Debt

Minimizing Your Student Debt Before And After College

Richard Polimeni joined us to break down the crucial issue of student debt and the best ways to minimize and avoid it.
Avi Lele, Graduation Gift

The One Graduation Gift That Will Last A Lifetime

A grocery list for today’s world: Bread, milk, and a few shares of Coca-Cola. This innovation helps you give the graduation gift that keeps on giving.
Steve Pomeranz, 529 Plan

Liberate Your College Savings With A 529 Plan

To make the most of a tax-advantaged, college savings 529 Plan, front-load investments, minimize fees and penalties, add beneficiaries, and avoid taxes.
Terry Story, Student loan cash refinance

Lower Your Interest Rate On College Debt With A ‘Student Loan...

Fannie Mae’s new "student loan cash out refinance" program makes it easier to pay off student loans at a lower interest rate by refinancing your mortgage.
Darla Mercado, Student Loan Crisis

What America’s $1.4 Trillion Student Loan Crisis Means To You

America faces a student loan crisis, with $1.4 trillion in outstanding educational loans. Here's what you can do to tame the beast.

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