Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Barbara Corcoran, On Deck

Barbara Corcoran Reveals A Most Shocking Shark Tank Ever

Barbara Corcoran is back, revealing this season's Shark Tank as confused, heated, and shocking with entrepreneurs greedily asking for astronomical numbers.
Steve Pomeranz, Harry Potter

Harry Potter: Boy Turned Financial Wizard?

Harry Potter turned Daniel Radcliffe into a financial wizard, all without a Sorcerer's Stone.

A Lesson From Prince: Don’t Forget To Exert Your Will

Making a will insures that your family and friends won’t be cheated out of their fair share of your assets.  Here's what we can learn from Prince.
Daymond John, Kanye West

Dear Kanye West, Daymond John Has Your Money

Can being broke be a good thing? In his new book, The Power of Broke, Daymond John says “yes” and explains why he's willing to invest in Kanye West.
Darren Case, Kanye West

It’s Time For Some Unsolicted Financial Advice For Kanye West

Kanye West "comes clean" about his $53 million debt, prompting Steve and Attorney Darren Case to analyze the effects of too much fame and money.

Barbara Corcoran On Achieving Your Dreams

Barbara Corcoran opens up about how life changed after she sold her business, the worst pitches on "Shark Tank", and how she picked the winners of the "On Deck" contest.
John Harwood, Your Money In Republican Debate

It’s All About Your Money In The Republican Debate

The debate pays particular attention to economic issues and how they impact your money, including taxes, retirement spending and job growth.
Steve Pomeranz, Apple Stock

The Company Whose Shares Crushed Apple Stock

The Steve Jobs movie reminds many Apple investors of the phenomenal rise in Apple stock after Jobs re-took the helm at Apple as CEO in 1997. But there was one CEO who delivered a bigger stock price jump than Jobs.
David Peck, Donald Trump

Found Footage: Donald Trump Said No To Running For President

David Peck discusses his great collection of unseen footage he's found including The Merv Griffin Show from 1962-1986, and Donald Trump from 1980 where Trump says he would never consider running for president.

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