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Steve Pomeranz, Beat The Market

In 2017, Small Investors Underperformed Once Again: Here’s Why

Individual investors significantly underperformed the market in 2017, continuing a multi-year losing streak. Are amateurs doomed to financial failure or can they change their luck? 
Michael Batnick, Bull Market

Which Stocks Should You Own In A Bull Market?

We take a look at the "Permanent Portfolio" and other strategies for this bull market.
Steve Pomeranz, money mistakes

Even Billionaire Investors Make These Simple Money Mistakes

Even major league investors rookie money mistakes. Steve points out some of these money mistakes ripped from the headlines in the financial world.
Turney Duff, Wall Street Trader

This Wall Street Trader Uses Sex And Real Estate To Forecast The Market

Turney Duff lived the glittery world of a Wall Street trader until it all turned to dust.  His market indicators will leave you chuckling and informed.
Sam Stovall, Bull Market

Fear Not The Raging Bull Market

Some say a bull market never dies of old age. Sam Stovall discusses this aging bull and the historical waxing and waning of the stock market.
Terry Story

The Housing Market is Red Hot

Good news for just about everyone including buyers even though you may have to pay a bit more to get the house you want.
Brett Arends

It’s Time to Storm Proof Your Money

Stock indexes hit record highs last week, and while the market is not a bubble that’s overvalued and due to pop, there certainly is a fair amount of froth out there…
Craig Matters

Is the Bull Market Overdone?

with Craig Matters, Managing Editor Money Magazine We’ve had quite a bull market since 2009, and stocks now appear overpriced relative to historical averages – with...

More Signs the Market May Be Overheating

  The stock market’s having quite the rally and the bullishness is nicely underscored by the S&P 500 index having hit new all-time highs 33...

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