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Julie Cottineau, Building Your Brand

Building Your Brand Will Be The New Priority. Here’s How To...

When things return to normal, you'll have to stand out even more. Learn how to break through, instead of blend.
Eric Schurenberg, Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs, Richard Branson

4 Vital Habits Of Successful Entrepreneurs You Must Have

Adopting these habits of successful entrepreneurs may make the difference between success and failure.
Eleanor Randolph, Many Lives Of Michael Bloomberg

The Complex Life of Michael Bloomberg

Business and politics tend to go hand-in-hand. Discover the complex series of “lives” led by Michael Bloomberg!
Scott Barnett, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company

Taking Bubba Gump From Movie To Restaurant

An unvarnished peek inside the adventure of creating the iconic "Bubba Gump" restaurant out of a hit movie.
Ron Shaich, Panera Bread, Corporate America

Panera Founder Has A Plan To Improve Corporate America

Ron Shaich, the founder of Panera Bread, shares his wisdom on why America is being destroyed by shortsightedness and needs to focus long-term in order to succeed.
Kory Kogon, Being Effective At Work

Having Trouble Being Effective At Work? Here Are 5 Steps To...

Kory Kogon is passionate about helping people be more productive, especially in our complicated modern society.
Amanda Brinkman, Small Business Revolution

Vital Tips On Small Business Success

Small businesses often suffer due to poor marketing as well as other factors. We outline what entrepreneurs need to change to drive small business success.
Shawn Vij, Moral Fiber

Can Individuals With Tenacious Moral Fiber Succeed In Today’s World?

How much moral fiber should companies have? Expert Shawn Vij explains why ethical business practices promote personal and professional growth.
Ken Gronbach, Profit From Demographic Shifts

Predict And Profit From Demographic Shifts

Turns out you can predict the next big trend and profit from demographic shifts. This expert tells us how.  (Hint: It's almost too easy)...

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