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John Steele Gordon, First Transatlantic Cable

The Laying Of The First Transatlantic Cable Was A Modern Miracle....

The global communications we take for granted are the result of heroic and persistent attempts by determined entrepreneurs to lay the first transatlantic cable. Would we be as determined today?
Vishal Agarwal, Give To Get

Some Say It Is Better To Give Rather Than Receive: This...

Vishal reveals how to navigate your work and home life so you can turn challenges into success.
TD Thornton, Greatest Con Artist

America’s Greatest Con Artist You Never Heard Of

We explore the underbelly of America in the book, My Adventures with Your Money, about notorious con artist G.G. Rice and his lurid, imaginative world.
Andrew Gross, Publishing Business, Best Selling Author

This Bestselling Author Shows You How To Win In The Publishing...

Want to become a bestselling author? Andrew Gross's 27 initial rejections and subsequent success shine a light on today's publishing business.
Matthew Lundy, Tory Story, The Best Story Wins

How Pixar’s Remarkable Storytelling Is The Key To Getting What You Want

In his book, The Best Story Wins, Pixar animator and storyteller, Matthew Luhn, shows you how to leverage good storytelling techniques in business and beyond.
Charlie Calello, Four Seasons, Sinatra

Meet The Most Successful Arranger In The History Of Pop Music

Legendary hitmaker, Charlie Calello, stops by the studio.  Charlie has worked with renowned talents including The Four Seasons, Springsteen, and the great Sinatra.
Eve Wright, Keys to success

Keys To Success For A Life Of Passion And Purpose

These techniques can lead to a more productive personal and professional life. The keys to success are as relevant for men as they are for women.
5 Great Books For The Serious Investor

5 Great Books For The Serious Investor

Want to become a serious investor? Here are 5 great books to get you started.

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