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Home Values and Home Improvement

Terry Story

with Terry Story, 25-year Veteran Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker in Boca Raton, FL

A lot of us visit websites such as Trulia and Zillow to know what our house, or a house we want to buy, is valued at. Ever wonder where these sites get their data from and how accurate it might be? Because inaccurate data could cost you tens of thousands of dollars… think of it this way – would you ever spend $10,000 to buy shares based on last week’s quote? So why is it that most of us don’t care to verify updated prices on property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Terry also talks about the various factors that could put pressure on home prices in 2015 – everything from rising home prices to mortgage interest rates, institutional buying and the impact of a strong dollar. Finally, she wraps up with the Top 10 home improvement projects that help you recoup what you put in, from a recent report by Homelogic.com.