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How to Avoid Home Buyer’s Remorse

Terry Story, Home Buyer's Remorse

With Terry Story, 25-year Veteran Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker in Boca Raton, FL

Home buyers, millennials and the rest of us, often have Buyer’s Remorse. Terry talks about the Top Buyer’s Remorse Issues with post-purchase regret. Believe it or not, topping the list is “my house is too big” – especially when their utilities jump up in the bigger home with higher electric, gas, heating, cooling, watering bills, cleaning area, etc.

The second remorse is “layout awkwardness” so make sure the home’s layout matches your needs. Also make sure you don’t get caught up in fancy new millennial trends that are like passing fads and make your home less saleable down the road. Many, especially physically active millennials, love the pool at first but soon figure out that it’s more a liability and an ongoing cost, without much use. Granted, pools do help with resale value in certain regions of the U.S. but not necessarily across the country.

There’s also some how to buy cheap hydrocodone online good news, buying a home today is 48% more affordable than in 2006 – this despite home prices outgrowing wage increases, largely aided by significantly lower mortgage interest rates today compared to 2006 – that lead to lower monthly payments, making home more affordable.

98% of Americans now have cell phones and people are increasingly getting rid of landlines and even setting up their alarm systems through cellular connections. So it’s important to make sure you buy a home in an area that is well served by mobile service providers, and gives you at least two options when choosing land-line based Internet service, with at least one fiber optic provider so you can get the blazing fast Internet speeds you need to work and play. You could even be in a city like Manhattan or San Francisco, and still face connectivity issues – so make sure you check this out too before you buy, in this increasingly interconnected world.