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3 Questions to Ask Yourself before Buying a Home

Terry Story

With Terry Story, 25-year Veteran Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker in Boca Raton, FL

In this week’s Real Estate Roundup, Terry talks about the three questions all buyers must ask themselves before buying a home – the non-financial aspects on why you really are making this decision and whether it makes sense at this point in your life, the long-term implications of buying a home and how mortgage interest rates should get factored into this major decision.

Terry also breaks down the real buy hydrocodone online paypal “dollar” implications of how an increase in mortgage interest rates would add to your monthly mortgage bill at different price points, and how to factor that into your purchase decision. We all know rates are now at rock-bottom and rates will certainly go up in time, but it’s hard to say by when and how much, so it helps to do this “interest rate sensitivity” exercise beforehand. She shows you how to price your home to get multiple offers, and more.