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When to Buy Used Stuff

Cameron Huddleston

With Cameron Huddleston, Contributing Editor at Kiplinger Washington Editors, Author – Daily Kips Tips at Kiplinger.com

As part of Steve’s Live Well Series, guest Cameron Huddleston helps listeners decide when and what to buy used versus new. Used goods are certainly way less expensive than buying new, and can help people live better within tight budgets, provided they are realistic and willing to make a few sacrifices.

But buying used goods is not always a good idea (think mattresses, think bed bugs). Some things are simply just better new, but a lot of what we pay top dollar for is often a good candidate for used not new. And it’s not always about the money… sometimes, buying used can help you get something you may not otherwise be able to afford, and significantly up your lifestyle. So tune in for great ideas on how you can save money buying used items that can equal higher quality items!

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