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Understanding the Nuances of ETFs

Gary Stroik

With Gary Stroik, Chief Investment Officer – WBI Funds

Perhaps not surprisingly, a lot of investors aren’t really sure what an ETF is. But with 1,400 out there, ETFs are an excellent class of securities to help you make specialized or even routine investments, and thoroughly diversify your portfolio. For example, if you’re an income oriented investor, you can choose from a number of ETFs that focus purely on good quality, high dividend stocks – and help you earn steady investment income. Or, if you want to invest abroad – say in a basket of emerging markets – there are ETFs for that… you get the picture.

ETFs really serve an important purpose in the investing world – and they have evolved over the years to become well respected components of the investment universe today. ETFs also offer greater flexibility than traditional low-cost Index Funds, and can bring in greater customization to suit your portfolio’s specific goals, your tax situation, etc. So it behooves every responsible investor to learn more about this category of investing.

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