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Top Investment Suggestions for All Investors

Jonathan Clements

with Jonathan Clements, Financial Writer, Syndicated Columnist with Over 70 publications including the Wall Street Journal, Author of Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015

The #1 attribute of ordinary Americans who have accumulated wealth is that they are great savers. But many often lose their way on investing for retirement. Jonathan shares his top suggestions on how regular working Americans can best save for retirement. His #1 suggestion – take advantage of the triple-play benefits of employer savings plans. He outlines the benefits of saving early, investing and compounding, the game-changing “tipping point” past which you’re well ahead of saving for retirement and the significant benefits of extending your working years. He offers ideas on developing a well-diversified low-cost portfolio for retirement with target-date funds and index funds that free you up of worrying about market volatility and prevent costly “reactive” mistakes, and other tips on managing your investments.