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Results Are In: Stocks Better Than Real Estate, Cash and Gold

Greg McBride

With Greg McBride, Chief Financial Analyst, BankRate.com

With nearly two decades of experience in personal finance, Greg provides in-depth commentary and practical advice to consumers. And through Bankrate.com’s Money Makeover series, he has helped consumers plan for retirement, manage debt and develop appropriate investment allocations.

BankRate.com just concluded a survey on what kinds of investments people prefer over time. And, surprise surprise, only 17% of all Americans believe stocks are where they should invest their money… coming in a distant third after real estate and even cash. And of those interviewed, young millennials were the most averse to stocks – perhaps because they’ve hydrocodone online us pharmacy seen multiple crashes. And this despite solid math on stocks being the best bet over the long run while real estate has typically only kept up with inflation, while cash has just lose value to inflation year after year. So it’s time investors looked past short term volatility and risk and viewed stocks as their best bet to growing wealth over time. Greg also warns investors on bond funds, especially with interest rates poised to rise from their bottom barrel levels… but who knows when rates might finally start going up given renewed global growth concerns in places like China.