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How To Be Financially Protected From A Data Breach

Dr Timothy Summers, Data Breach

With Dr. Timothy Summers, Cyber Strategist, President of Summers & Co., Author of How Hackers Think: A Study of Cybersecurity Experts and Their Mental Models

A data breach is a severe and growing nemesis, with skillful hackers cracking into America’s most secure databases and systems, often with the support of their governments. Cyber security is one of the biggest threats individuals, corporations and governments face across the world and the threat of a potential data breach is just around the corner.

Hackers steal everything from personal information to corporate, business and government secrets. Dr. Summers addresses the implications of this big looming concern. He tells us how these intruders operate on the “dark web”.

He also addresses why companies are unwilling to protect our data against a potential data breach, and typically tell consumers what to do to better protect their data without, apparently, doing anything significant to do more to protect consumers. Moreover, companies are under no regulatory pressure to act because regulations have been stymied by corporate-backed political opposition. So Summers walks us through a few things we can do to make it more difficult for hackers to steal our data and identities.

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