with John Waggoner, Money Columnist and Reporter for USA Today


The Energy paradigm shift: John talks about changes in energy paradigms… and why oil prices have fallen by more than half despite significant turmoil in oil-producing nations. See how America is far less dependent on foreign oil and what this means for national security and our economy.

See how fracking is impacting energy prices – the upsides, the downsides – and their impact on US consumers and industries, economic growth and productivity.

The Millennial paradigm shift: Millennials are changing the way Americans live and work across the board – changes in how they get their information, their driving habits, how they shop and so much more. Is this a passing phase or a paradigm shift in the making?

Crazy stock market valuations: John addresses sky-high stock market valuations of money losing companies, and what this bodes for investors. He also names technology stocks that are reasonably valued, offer a dividend and have solid business models – stocks that you really can’t go wrong with.

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