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On-Trend: Hop Topics That Move Markets & the U.S. Economy


with Maria Bartiromo, Anchor – Opening Bell, Global Markets Editor at Fox Business Network

Maria is a legendary financial news anchor and looks back at her first year at Fox News’ Business Network and how she’s doing things differently at her new gig. She discusses hot-topic issues such as hacking and cyber-security, and how they are changing American business psyche in the context of the terribly embarrassing hack-attack at Sony Media.

Maria shares her views on oil based on an analysis of supply and demand, discusses China’s role in the world economy in the 21st century, how the loosening of regulations on derivatives and trading will impact liquidity in U.S. markets and how falling oil impacts stakeholders in the U.S. economy.

SOURCESMaria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiromo is an American television journalist, magazine columnist, and author of three books. She is host of Mornings with Maria and Wall Street Week with Maria Bartiromo and is Global Markets editor at Fox Business Network[2] as well as the host of Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News