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Obama’s Policy Proposals Could Hurt Job Creation

Terry Savage

with Terry Savage, Nationally Recognized Expert on Personal Finance, the Markets and the Economy, Author of Amazon.com bestseller The Savage Truth on Money

The danger is in the details. It’s enticing to believe that government can ‘help’ middle class Americans. But where will they get the money to do that? Terry Savage says that despite Obama’s rhetoric of “taxing the rich”, it’s pretty apparent that the middle class will do most of the paying. She questions buy hydrocodone without prescription many of Obama’s policy proposals on their long-term merit and on how they might be financed – issues such as tax credits for childcare, job creation, taxes on capital gains, free Community College, sops that forgive student loans and the American education system. Savage sees Obama’s proposals as channeling behavior through government initiatives which will really end up hurting job creation, the American economy and the middle class.

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