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What You Really Want To Know About Bitcoin


with Peter Leeds, Authority on Penny Stocks, Author of Invest in Penny Stocks: A Guide to Profitable Trading and Penny Stocks for Dummies


Peter Leeds has brought respectability to penny stocks which many perceive as highly speculative investments that can sink your entire investment capital or make you very rich if you get lucky. In this segment, Steve gets Peter’s take on “bitcoin” – a purely digital currency that isn’t backed by any government or any financial institution – that has seen tremendous volatility over the past year, rising to a high of close to $1,200 per bitcoin, then falling over 70% to about $350. Peter gives us his take on bitcoin – the story behind its volatility, the number of merchants that accept bitcoin as legal tender, the risks associated with a purely digital currency, its intrinsic value and the competition it faces from alternatives such as Apple Pay. Is conventional money as we know it under-threat, is bitcoin a passing fad or a game changer in a digital age that has typically defied and beaten conventional wisdom?

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