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Mack’s Take on the Boom in U.S. Stocks and the Bust in Oil

Consuelo Mack

With Consuelo Mack, Distinguished Business Journalist, Host of Consuelo Mark WealthTrack on Public TV

Consuelo Mack is now in the tenth season of her show, Consuelo Mack WealthTrack, which helps investors build diversified portfolios for long-term success. While major market indices in the U.S. have done very well, there still are pockets that are lagging. So while investors have gravitated to blue chip names that have long-term success potential, certain sectors have not kept up with the broad market. In addition, emerging markets and the energy sector have underperformed in the second half of 2014.

Even though markets in Russia have taken it on the chin over Ukraine, most global money managers are staying as far away from Russia as they can, even in cases where they see value. And while markets have been tanking on the sliding price of oil, a sharp drop in oil is actually really good for consumers and businesses everywhere, save for those directly tied to oil. Falling oil also bodes well for emerging economies, where demand for oil is only likely to increase as prices drop – so oil demand fundamentals actually are solid, and the price correction reflects a readjustment based on oversupply, typical of boom-bust cycles in the oil sector.

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