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It’s Lack Of Hope That’s Responsible For Riots

John Hope Bryant

With John Hope Bryant – Entrepreneur, Businessman, Philanthropist and Author – “How the Poor Can Save Capitalism”

Being broke is not the same as being poor.  Lack of hope, confidence, role models and self-esteem hurts way more than temporarily not having money in your pocket. As John puts it, the most dangerous person in the world is a person with no hope.

John Bryant offers a unique historical and sociological perspective on why African-Americans were up in arms in Ferguson and Baltimore… and what can be done to make African-Americans, particularly the youth, become equal players in America’s growth and economic opportunity. As he puts it, middle-class folk… including middle-class black people… do not riot. It’s the lack of hope and economic opportunity that is the kindling for what we’ve seen on our television screens over the past few months, and John offers concrete ideas and programs that help urban poor African Americans see light in the darkness around them.

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