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India – Slumdog Millionaire or Great Investment Opportunity?

Henry To

With Henry To, Chief Investment Officer and Head of Research at CB Capital Partners

While everyone talks about China and Europe on the topic of international investments, few talk about India – the largest and most entrepreneurial countries in the world. Henry just got back from a trip to India and shares his views on the investment climate in that country. A recent change in government – in the world’s largest democracy – has led to a spate of industry-friendly reforms, and technology and infrastructure investments.

India’s middle class is rising fast and driving demand for houses, appliances, energy, financial services, healthcare and consumer goods and services. India imports about 3.7 million barrels of oil per day – the third largest oil importer in the world – so the near 50% drop in oil prices has sizably boosted India’s investment budget for things other than oil.

So – with positive changes afoot, Henry sees a key market index doubling over the next five years and shares his recommendations on how to participate in India’s growth potential and what sectors to focus on.

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