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How to Survive A Major Stock Market Crash

Sam Stovall

With Sam Stovall, Managing Director, U.S. Equity Strategy of S&P Capital IQ’s Global Markets Intelligence group; Author – The Seven Rules of Wall Street, The Standard & Poor’s Guide to Sector Investing

Sam Stovall is an analyst, publisher and communicator of S&P’s outlooks for the economy, market, and sectors. He is the Chairman of the S&P Investment Policy Committee, where he focuses on market history and valuations, as well as industry momentum strategies.

Sam’s a frequent guest on the show and talks about the implications of major recent and past events and their impacts on the financial markets – everything from the depression in 1987 to the more recent flash crash. One of the key themes through his examples is that of a quick bounce-back in shares after sizable declines, and he helps investors puts things in perspective vis-à-vis major stock market events… which could help you navigate the uncertain investment waters ahead.

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