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How to Get High on Marijuana Stocks

Marijuana Stocks expert, Jason Spatafora AKA

With Jason Spatafora aka “The Wolf of Weed Street”, Investor in Marijuana Stocks

Marijuana Stocks are on the rise.  While Colorado and Washington have legalized recreational marijuana use, 21 other states now have some form of legalized medical marijuana – and this has led to a boom in businesses tied to pot use. This trend towards legalization has been progressing, and states such as California, Oregon and Alaska appear to be on the cusp of approving marijuana for some limited form of recreational use.

Jason began investing in marijuana stocks in 2013 – producers/growers of marijuana, biotech companies that use marijuana plant extracts for medicinal R&D and the ecosystem around legal marijuana sales and distribution. Jason’s website, marijuanastocks.com, has a surprisingly long A-Z list of marijuana stocks – most of which are micro-cap penny-stocks – so here’s one new sector that investors can explore but be warned, these companies are skating on thin ice, at the border of legality, so pot stocks are only for those with a high appetite of risk – with the possibility of high rewards and equally high losses.

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