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How To Get Free Services From Medicare

Chris Abbott

With Chris Abbott, Health Plan CEO at UnitedHealthcare Medicare and Retirement

Chris Abbott shares his views on Medicare and Medicaid as it marks its 50th anniversary, and the impact these government administered programs have had on millions of Americans in terms of quality of life and health.

Steve tells us what we can expect from Medicare and what individuals can do to keep themselves healthier through Medicare’s free testing options for things such as heart disease and colon cancer that can be easily prevented if we focus on staying healthy and get regular checkups such as colorectal cancer screening, cholesterol and sugar testing, glaucoma testing, etc. He advocates health care over ‘sick care’, and urges wellness visits to stay fit.

He also gives us tips on what people can do to get the most out of these free services, and talks about what these programs must do to stay cutting-edge, relevant and focused for the next 50 years.

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