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How Investor Sentiment Impacts Market Volatility in October


with Sam Stovall, Managing Director, U.S. Equity Strategy at S&P Capital IQ, Chairman – S&P Investment Policy Committee, Author of The Seven Rules of Wall Street


Sam Stovall has deep roots in investment research, stock market history and what drives market performance across the globe. He and his team at S&P Capital IQ closely track sector performance to discern where markets might be headed. With Steve, Sam discusses the impact of four unquantifiable CDEF concerns and how they might impact markets in Q4 2014 and beyond – China and pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, a strengthening U.S. dollar, Ebola and tapering by the Federal buy cheap hydrocodone online Reserve. He provides keen insights on how two sectors – gold and oil – are most impacted by a rising dollar, and why large-cap stocks, counter-intuitively, do well when the dollar gains. Stovall lays out a clear argument on how the Fed’s taper might impact the economy and counter-balance rising U.S. economic strength (as seen in positive data on unemployment, jobs, consumer spending, etc.), and what sectors stand to benefit the most from the taper. Finally, Sam shares historical data on what investors can expect for Q4 2014 and beyond.

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