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Barbara Corcoran On Achieving Your Dreams


With Barbara Corcoran, Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Investor, Author of Shark Tales: How I Turned $1000 into a Billion Dollar Business

Barbara Corcoran is best known as one of the “sharks” on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank where Barbara competes with other so-called sharks to invest her own money. Barbara’s story is an inspiring rags to riches tale, turning a thousand dollar loan into a multi-billion dollar real estate empire in New York City, competing and winning against the big bad boys there.

In her second appearance on On The Money, Barbara Corcoran opens up about how life changed after she sold her business, made a fortune and achieved the quintessential American dream but then woke up grumpy every morning. She realized that she missed getting up and going to work doing something she loved.  So she decided to jump hydrocodone online order back into business doing what she was great at, creating a media brand which she attributes to the successful sale of her first business. Things didn’t go her way until she ended up getting a gig as a political consultant on Fox News that led to The Today Show and finally to Shark Tank.

She also talks about the worst pitches she’s heard on Shark Tank (which are too many to count) and about the deals she missed and regrets. She also talks about the “On Deck” contest.  “On Deck” is an online lender that organized a contest with $10,000 going to each of the entrepreneurial winners. Barbara is tough as nails, wonderfully down to earth, and follows her gut instinct on how to surround herself with winners and stay ahead in life.