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Forbes Believes Realty Mogul Could be Game Changer

Jilliene Helman, Forbes

With Jilliene Helman, CEO and Founder of Realty Mogul

RealtyMogul.com is an online capital marketplace for real estate – connecting borrowers and sponsors to capital from accredited and institutional investors.  The company is the brainchild of Jilliene Helman who was recently listed in Forbes magazine. As part of its 2015 ’30 Under 30’ honors for young achievers, Forbes listed Helman at #28 in the Enterprise Technology category. Forbes also covered Helman’s rise from a 25-year old Vice President at Union Bank to the CEO of her own company that has done over $80 million in real estate transactions.

Through an online platform, RealtyMogul.com gives borrowers access to debt capital, sponsors access to equity capital and investors tools to browse investments, do due diligence and invest online. It’s crowd-funding for real estate that gives well-heeled accredited investors an ownership stake in real estate assets they choose to invest in, and online dashboards that show them how their investments are performing on a quarterly or monthly basis, with monthly or quarterly cash distributions.

So if you’re interested, check out their website and tune in to hear how the platform works for you as an investor in the two funds the company currently offers. Invest across property type (residential, retail, medical, etc.), across geography and across debt and/or equity – for a well-diversified real estate portfolio. But don’t expect day to day liquidity through this platform but dive in only if you’re willing to commit your capital without withdrawals for anywhere from one to ten years.

RealtyMogul.com offers fix-and-flip loans, bridge and permanent loans and joint venture equity. It’s a site that caters to active and passive real estate investors, including individual investors that buy houses for rent, small commercial properties or REITs. But such investors can expand their investments through Realty Mogul, with minimum investments starting at $5,000 so investors can build a diversified portfolio of assets, with average transaction size of $35,000 and about three or more transactions, with investors typically investing about $90,000 through the platform.

The company has over 17,000 active accredited and institutional investors as members, and their members have invested over $80 million dollars in over 250+ properties, and received millions in distributions. For accredited and institutional investors looking to diversify their portfolio, RealtyMogul.com offers a fast, easy, frictionless platform that serves as a 21st century bridge connecting them to previously inaccessible investment opportunities.

And for both real estate investment sponsors looking to raise joint venture equity and borrowers looking for flexible debt, RealtyMogul.com provides access to equity and debt that would likely take several months to secure through more traditional means – but beware, rates can be as high as 10% over and above the 2% -3% origination fee and the 0.5% servicing fee. So the company caters to accredited or institutional investors wanting to diversify their portfolios across real estate asset classes, borrowers in search of flexible loans, or real estate investment sponsors looking to raise joint venture equity.

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